I Double Dare You – Throw Away Your Tape Measure

Whether or not you seek to add a couple of pounds of raw muscle to transform your physique to resemble twisted steel oozing sex appeal or drop sufficient pounds to showcase abs a lot more reduce than the jewel of England I would hugely advise you throw away – not place away – your tape measure and weight scale. I would not care if your weight scale can analyze your physique fat content material, your water content material or your stock rates – toss it! And the tape measure need to have no spot in your spot.

In its spot, you require a complete length mirror and either a pair of pant, in the size that you want to put on or a excellent polo shirt, in the size that you want to put on. Whether or not you plan operates or not will show in each the mirror and the clothes.

To start out, if you have not carried out so, grab a paper bag, like the old brown grocery bag, and reduce out a pair of eye openings. Strip naked (I would choose you do this in privacy if your substantial other had been to catch you carrying out this – nicely…), place the bag more than your head, and appear at your self in the mirror. It need to be an eye opener. Whether or not you are carrying a couple of additional pounds or bone thin tense and flex as really hard as you can, then jump and down.


What do you see? It need to actually be an eye opener. Hunting at your physique with a paper bag more than your head lets you see your self as a stranger. Jumping up and down, flexing and tensing your physique, provides you the greatest image of exactly where you are, sorry, fat! Even if you are bone thin, this workout will give you the truth on the state of your physique. And the truth shall set you see.

Irrespective of your workout plan, do this after a month. This workout will give you the greatest barometer of progress. Due to the fact I have to inform you that at 1 time, I believed I was having buffed. I was measuring my arms at a excellent 17 ½ inches, my chest at 45 + inches, and my waist at 33 inches. I was definitely feeling excellent and powerful. I did the paper bag routine.

I was fat. It produced me want to cry. I was 98 kilos of twisted steel and sex appeal – in my thoughts. Due to the fact I was fat.

I want you to achieve weight smartly and the healthier way. That signifies placing aside the typical measuring tape and the phony I lost 10 pounds or I gained 10 pounds mentality. See with your eyes and validate with the garments you want to put on. And usually evaluate your self with a paper bag and complete length mirror. Just do not let your substantial other or little ones see you!

H. Kim, as a youth, was never ever athletically inclined and was genetically a skinny kid, to boot. But right after years and years of education, persistence, and work, H. Kim is nevertheless a terrible athlete, but he has discovered a point or two about packing on muscle. Right after 35 plus years of working out, dieting, and mastering he has develop into a excellent student of what operates and what does not.